Looking for a solution to send access rights through modern communication channels (e.g. emails, social media, apps for booking systems, etc.)? We have what you need!


DA400 now integrates with our QR-Code tool making it easier than ever to provide remote access to temporary visitors/guests.

The granted access rights are encrypted within the QR-Code meaning the QR code contains the details of the access privileges, such as:

  • The user name;
  • The validity period of the access (from.. to…) with date and time;
  • The type of access.

As a result, the DA400 QR-Codes can be easily tracked.

Our QR-Access tool is a DA400 solution all DA400 functionalities are therefore included and may be used to configure badges for resident staff members who must regularly pass through doors.

This solution can be applied to:

  • Meeting room booking systems
  • Co-working facilities
  • Store exits with the QR-code printed on the receipt
  • Visitor software

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