Controlling access to your elevators is also possible with the DA400.

The DA400 elevator module allows you to guarantee the security of your elevators by limiting access to certain users and according to precise schedules in order to avoid intrusions and visitor confusion. Discover now our solution developed for elevator security.

DA400 Elevator Module

Our module specially developed to secure your elevators allows you to limit access to the floors of your building to their rightful residents and thus avoid unwanted intruders and prowlers.

Why secure your elevators?

Some floors of your property or business cannot be made accessible to the public for security or confidentiality reasons?

It is then preferable to install an access control system for elevators that will allow you to avoid the presence of intruders on your restricted floors and reinforce the security of your property.

Less misplacing, less congestion for more efficiency and peace of mind.

The DA400 is a flexible solution to secure your elevators and the floors they lead to:

Allow your users to access only the floors where they live or work and avoid unnecessary straying and nuisance on neighboring floors.

Allow free access to common areas (kitchens, meeting rooms) while limiting access to other floors in the building.

Also limit access according to possible opening hours to avoid unwarranted attendance.

Take access control a step further with the DA400 elevator module.


A reader is set up in each secured elevator, the identification by one of your users from this reader will then activate relay outputs which will directly transmit the information relative to the permissions to the button box of the elevator equipped with one of our DA400 control units.

Thanks to its intuitive and dynamic configuration options, the DA400 allows you to very easily define which floors your users will be able to access or not; all via an easy-to-use web interface.

🗸 Quick configuration
🗸 Targeted permissions
🗸 Flexible settings

You can also set up one or more administrators to have access to all floors of the building at all times or only at specific times.

It is also very easy to create temporary accesses to allow occasional visitors to access the desired floors.

It is possible to add up to 2 modules of 12 relays to our three models of DA401/DA402/DA404 control panels and control up to 4 elevators of 64 floors each.

Different modes possible:

🗸 Selective floor sorting
🗸 Call
🗸 Unlocking the button box

Simple and intuitive use for your users too!

For an access control system to be effective, it must also be intuitive enough for your employees and/or visitors.

With the DA400, your users will only have to use their pre-configured authentication means to access the desired and authorized floor, so it will not be possible for them to access the reserved areas. In other words, some users will be able to access the 3rd floor while others will only be able to access the 5th floor according to the parameters you have defined beforehand!

Multiple identifiers available according to your needs.

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