Control your visitors' Covid Safe ticket autonomously with the GreenPass-100 and GreenPass-400

GreenPass-400 and GreenPass-100 allow you to control access to your infrastructure in these complicated times. Come and discover the advantages of our two solutions.

The Covid Safe Ticket

In order to harmonize Covid certificates and prevent the use of fakes, the European Union created the European digital COVID certificate, which came into effect on July 1, 2021. It allows certificate holders to travel in Europe without going through quarantine. It also allows access to events requiring a Covid certificate.

In Belgium, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is mandatory for access to events, both indoor and outdoor, as well as for access to the Horeca and entertainment venues such as cinemas and theaters

Our solutions

In order to facilitate the CST verification task, Dinec has created two devices: The GreenPass-100 and the GreenPass-400. Both are autonomous, discreet, fast, and confidential. No human intervention is required. In addition, to ensure that several people do not use the same QR-code, a Time Anti-Pass back system has been implemented.

It is also possible to configure several different entrances by linking them to the company network. A smartphone application is available free of charge on the Android Play Store that allows access to the device management page. If the GreenPass-400 is used to pass through a door, personnel who do not require the certificate to pass can use a badge thanks to the integrated Mifare-Desfire badge reader.

The GreenPass-100 and GreenPass-400 a solution for whom?














shopping centers


sports centers


swimming pools






and any other public place


The GreenPass-100 includes the following features:

🗸 Networking for Time Antipass back application when multiple GreenPass-100 are installed on multiple inputs.

🗸 Supplied 230 Vac power supply unit for power supply on socket.

🗸 Consultation of the passage events.

🗸 Intermittent or continuous sound signal in case of refusal.

🗸 Result of the QR-code control visible by the large green or red light integrated in the support.

A valid certificate cannot be presented several times consecutively to avoid several people passing with the same QR-code (Time Anti-Pass Back).


The GreenPass-400 includes the following features:

🗸 Wiring of the reader for integration into the environment and placement of it remotely from the control box.

🗸 Networking for Time Antipass back application when multiple GreenPass-400 are installed on multiple entrances.

🗸 230 Vac power supply with optional 7 Ah battery.

🗸 Consultation of the passage events.

🗸 Output relay for external light (not supplied);

🗸 Intermittent or continuous sound signal in case of refusal.

The Mifare reader associated with the QR-code reader allows some people to pass with a badge instead of the valid reading of the QR-code.

Dinec was able to anticipate the needs related to the Covid-19 pandemic and put in place automated devices,

easily integrated into a company’s network and easily managed through an application, allowing companies to cope with the restrictions put in place.

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